We at Fort Noble are pleased to include instruction in woodcraft as a matter of course when you are in the field with us.

We also provide separate classes that are more in depth, including private instruction in any of our specialties including;

Learn to Birdwatch with an Adirondack Guide in the pristene forests of the Adirondacks.Birding
Canoe the Adirondack waters and learn canoeing from an Adirondack Guide.Canoeing
Camp in the beautiful Adirondacks while learning from an Adirondack Guide.Camping
Learn to Hike through the breath taking Adirondacks with an Adirondack Guide.Hiking
Trek through the Adirondack back country with an Adirondack Mountain Guide.Back Country Trekking
Learn Flyfishing with an Adirondack Guide on the cool, clear mountain streams of the Adirondacks.Fly Fishing
Learn wilderness skills from an Adirondack Wilderness Guide.Wilderness Skills
Snowshoe through fantastic mountain passes with an Adirondack Mountain Guide instructor.Snowshoeing
Master map, compass and GPS with instruction from an Adirondack Licensed Guide.Map, Compass and GPS
Learn cooking in the wild from a master outdoor cook.Cooking
Make delicious meals in a Dutch Oven, learn from an Adirondack Mountain Guide.Dutch Oven Cooking
learn to camp, hike and canoe the correct low impact way from an Adirondack Guide using Leave No Trace principles.Low impact or "Leave no Trace"

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Hike, Camp and Canoe the Adirondacks with Fort Noble Adirondack Mountain Guides.HOMEExperience a Day Hiking or Canoeing Adirondacks with Fort Noble Adirondack Hiking and Canoe Guides.DAY TRIPSHike and Canoe then Camp in the Adirondacks with an Adirondack Guides from Fort Noble.OVERNIGHT Trek across the Adirondack Park with Fort Noble Adirondack Mountain Guides.EXTENDEDRide the Adirondack Scenic Railway then Hike and Canoe in the Adirondacks with Fort Noble Adirondack alt=RAILROAD COMBOS
Learn to Hike, Camp and Canoe safely in the Adirondacks with Fort Noble Adirondack Mountain Guides.OUTDOOR SKILLSHike, Camp and Canoe the Adirondacks with an Adirondack Guide.ADIRONDACK GUIDESLearn Land Navigation from a Fort Noble Adirondack Mountain GuidesLAND NAVIGATION