The Principles of Leave No Trace.

Plan Ahead and Prepare
Know the regulations and special concerns for the area you plan to visit.
Visit the backcountry in small groups.
Avoid popular areas during times of high use.
Choose equipment and clothing in subdued colors.
Repackage food into re-usable containers.
Camp and Travel on Durable Surfaces
In Popular Areas. Concentrate Use
Stay on Trails.
In alpine areas walk only on the trail or on exposed rock.
Take rest breaks on durable surfaces.
Choose an established campsite away from trails and water.
Leave your site clean.
In Pristine areas, spread your impact.
Keep group size small.
Utilize durable surfaces and spread out while hiking.
Avoid fragile areas.
Select an appropriate and durable campsite.
When breaking camp, naturalize the site.
Avoid Places Where Impact is Just Beginning.
Avoid lightly impacted trails and campsites.
Pack It In, Pack It Out
Reduce use of disposable items.
Dispose of trash and garbage properly.
Don't burn or bury trash.
Properly Dispose of What You Can't Pack Out
Dispose of human waste responsibly.
Minimize soap and food residues in waste water.
Use a sump hole.
Leave What You Find
Minimize site alterations.
Avoid damaging trees and plants.
Leave natural and cultural artifacts.
Avoid disturbing wildlife.
Reduce your impact on other visitors.
Respect Private Property.
Minimize Use and Impact of Fires
Know and follow fire restrictions.
Use established fire sites.
Use a stove.

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